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Abra - I don't think you're giving yourself enough credit. You're one of the solvers I happen to admire. This month you and I have about the same solving percentage, but you're a good 20 seconds faster than me, and you've racked up close to a million points, as compared to my 200K (which is a good month for me). Like you, I don't compare to Bansai, Lurker, Nanrich, Gryhnd, Lily, Opallady, and several of the other truly speedy solvers, and I don't have the 100% solve rate that folks like Lurker, Nanrich, Gryhnd, Beagle, LLL (is there an echo here?) All of these solvers are very gifted... but you're no slouch yourself. If I can improve to the level that I see you accomplishing, I'll be giving myself a pat on the back.

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