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i can't drink with the meds i take---i'm now going to use that as my excuse for not being better at this!
i'm in awe of you "gifted ones"--seriously, i truly believe that some folks just have a gift for this---and those folks, not unlike psychics who say, "everyone has this ability within them, they just need to blah blah blah," don't know that they have something special! i think maybe it's in how your brain processes what it visually sees--we know not everyone sees and processes things the same way. yes, i've gotten better at recognizing patterns and have learned some tricks, but it still takes me just as long as it ever did to study a puzzle, actuallly SEE it, looking for clues. i could be wrong, but i don't think that's going to change. but i'll let you know if it does!
(sure wish i could try the wine thing, though.)
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