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The answer for a shorter quote sometimes just comes without even thinking and then it's just a question of typing and hitting enter as fast as my fingers will go. Being able to touch type is a huge benefit in this game.

I might have to look a bit longer at the longer quotes (yes, the ones that are rated easy). More letters hide the patterns on me unless there's something really easy like "it is" or "everything".

If something doesn't jump out, then I'll look for "the" using the letter frequency or try the common starters like "What you" or "If you" or if it's a long word, I'll try "tion" at the end. When I first started playing, someone shared that for single letters, "I" appears before "a" more often than the other way around, and I've found that to prove out. Sometimes you need to trust your instincts even when at first the letter sequence seems improbable -- how often have you started over when something looked wrong only to find out that it's because the quote includes a name or an unusual word and you were right the first time?

And there's no question that the more you play, the more familiar some of the quotes become. For example, I got the "busyness" quote yesterday and recognized right away what I needed to fix without having to resort to my list of hard quotes.

The three things that slow me up most commonly are having to move the cursor to a new spot, hitting send too soon without having filled in all the letters, and words having a number of letters only appearing once in the quote.

I was a lot slower when I first started, but at some point things just started to click and I started seeing the Baron more often. I think it might be a bit frustrating for the newer players: there was a lot more opportunity to set a record in the early days. Then you could make a mistake, hit enter, go back and correct it and still set a record. Now, one little hesitation can make the difference. I usually wait to actually read the quote and take in what it says until after I've solved it (unless I need to find a mistake).

One brand new tip (if you're playing cryptos on a Friday or Saturday evening that is): I find I go faster (or maybe it just seems that way to me) if I've had a glass of wine. For some reason, the patterns just appear more easily then
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