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Default What other puzzles do you do?

I have a full-blown puzzle addiction, and I bet I'm not most of you focus on cryptograms, or do you have other puzzle obsessions?

Here are mine:

A crossword every night before bed (from the NY Times Crosswords Calendar, a yearly Christmas gift from my oldest son)

Two KenKen puzzles most evenings, online from NY Times, the "Harder" 6X6 and 8X8

Lumosity - I discovered this a few months ago, and I completely neglected cryptograms for awhile! Now it's a more occasional pastime, and I'm back to cryptos again.

...and on a long airplane flight, a couple of good hard Sudokus in the airline magazine can keep me quiet for hours! (Beneficial for people sitting next to me )

I've never started a thread before, and I look forward to seeing any replies that you guys want to post!
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