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Default Tony

The Disraeli quote is pretty mild as anti-semitic remarks go, but it is still anti-semitic. Ain't just me what thinks so, but when Ann Coulter made a similar remark, lots of folks seemed to think so.

As a lawyer, you understand that there are lots of gray areas in human behavior and human actions. For the protection of various parts of society, lines must still be drawn, and then we can argue over the gray areas.

I do not want to strip the site of any quotes, any more than I want the truly revolting quotes that I brought up to be on the site. Where do we draw the line? How do we decide what belongs here and what does not? G-d knows there is plenty of free speech in our society, and plenty of people making very revolting remarks. Can we not have a few refuges from the turmoil and just have some inoffensive entertainment?
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