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Like Maddy, I'm a newbie and a leftie! I was born in the mid '60s so wasn't forced or even asked to switch. My sister and I are both lefties and my parents are both righties. I did however go to a very small school and was the only leftie in my class. When it came to learning cursive, it was "just do what they're doing, but with your other hand". My handwriting is terrible.

I'm slightly ambidextrous, where my sister is a strict leftie. I type with both hands (I grew up playing piano), but mouse right-handed. I golf and swing a softball bat left-handed. In my mind's eye, though, I picture myself shooting a gun right-handed, even though every time I have shot a gun, I'm quite sure it was left-handed. It's been many many years.

I found some music score software that allows you to enter the notes using the keyboard, and it's great because A-G are all on the left hand, as are most of the software shortcuts. It saves tons of time that way.

Anyway, sorry for being long-winded!
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