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Default re: New feature - input indeed!

Hi -

I gotta agree about it being annoying with the posting of personal times in the comments section. I posted a reply in one of the forums (New feature - input indeed!) a couple of months ago (see below).

I did notice soon after, that that commenter's comments were often left blank. I think (maybe confirm this admin?) that admin began to go back and erase said commenter's "times".... Has anyone else seen this pattern? I believe it may be the only solution for admin short of creating a whole new feature....

here's the reply to forum I made:

completion times in the comments section

I've noticed lately that there is a newer player who seems to be posting their completion time in the comments section - there's just the player's name and 52 secs., or whatever.

I don't think the comments area is a good place for this person's record keeping, as, if everybody started doing the same, the comments would become cluttered with completion times.

However, I do see and understand what this player is doing - which is to keep track of their personal achievements. I kind of like the idea, just not in the comments section, but then there's really no other way to do it.

Perhaps there is some way to add a feature which would track a player's personal information, just for that player to see?

Hmmm, I don't know enough about web sites to know if this would be possible...
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