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Very well said, my friend. Like you, I am a poor typist and even if I were fast I could never solve as fast as some of the members do. This causes me to admire them greatly, not envy or doubt them. I do, however occasionally repond to what I see as a smart-alec comment, or one with an extremely politically biased tone with one of my own. I shouldn't do this. This site is for fun and I learn things in the bargain. In future I will try to hold my tongue/fingers.
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I can't type, my computor is not the fastest,nor am I skilled enough to solve these puzzles as fast as some on this site, I have only been playing for a few months now, and I have seen the same puzzles pop up several times. to suggest that some people are cheating just because they are faster than us with less experience is silly. rather than complaining about those who are faster, I take my hat off to them , and keep on working on my own speed. you folks are awesome. Ignore the naysayers, they probably won't stick around for long anyway.
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