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Default and speaking of comments...

can we talk about the use of the comment section for keeping track of one's times?
it's obvious that this isn't what the comment section is for, isn't it?

yes, i understand that we occasionally post our times there, but generally it's because we've amazed ourselves: either by an unexpected fast time or an abysmally slow one!

i see this person's scores being posted on so many quotes now, and i'm so tempted to leave a comment about it, then figure it's not my place to do so. but last night there was one with two times, a month apart, posted by this person (good for you, for improving your time), so it's obviously fulfilling its purpose for him/her--in the comments box beneath it, i typed "MAKE IT STOP!" but didn't post it. playing it safe. (you may prefer "wuss".)
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