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Default argh!

i am still trying to rid my computer of whatever malware is plaguing it/me---i have run two long, slow scans by my antivirus program to start, and have run malwarebytes, spybot and another whose name i can't recall at this moment, all to no avail.

i'm now advised to run a rootkit program---but that i have to be careful when removing things that are found, as they are not all bad things. well, how the he** am i supposed to know?!! i'm not a computer expert.

strangely, after each try at getting rid of it, everything seems good...i see no evidence of it anywhere (the words in blue with double underlines that show ads when cursor hovers over them) until i come back to this sight and solve one puzzle---then there they are!

before i start a "how did this happen--i'm so cautious" rant, if you have any advice, sock it to me. i'm mightily frustrated, and wonder what this malware is doing to my 'baby' (computer, lifeline, etc.).

thank you!
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