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Its not a deep dark secret, Maradnu, did a great deal of work
in explaining how the points are awarded for each difficulty level.

If you were just playing solely for points and didnt care about a hundred
percent then yes I can see how it would matter, but to me its pretty simple.

The less words, the more points. Doesnt seem to matter if the words are
"it, is,and the", less letters means less frequency thus making it a harder
puzzle to solve.
More words means more frequencies of letters, even
though some of them have proper names in them, if the quote is long, its rated
easy by virtue of there being more letters.
This might seem like an oversimplification, but thats okay, since we are solving
cryptograms a little bit of easy is a nice break.
Remember scoring isnt just points, you must maintain a certain average to
qualify for medals and trophies.
And those details are found at the top of each category of scoring.

The most simple way to explain scoring, imo, is this...if you are ahead
of someone at the end of the day, thats good. If you are behind someone
at the end of the day, whom you were ahead of at start of day, thats bad.
People play alot of puzzles. If you want to score high, play ALOT.
If you want a Speed medal/trophy ...Play fast.
If you want a Success medal/trophy, solve them all...and ...keep check on recent games
as often as you can, even when you are offsite.
Personally that is the issue that I feel needs to be addressed alot more than scoring.

I agree with Gryhnd, if you are eaten up by the desire to know the exact
criteria determined, then send a pm to Admin or email him.

And there are a few topics in this forum on scoring, that you can read at
your leisure.
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