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Unfortunately no, I can't. I was hoping someone knew of a way I could log on from another computer or phone and get to the same puzzle quickly enough. When my connection dies I am still logged in from this computer so the "retry" option won't help from there unless someone knows a trick. Also, on the "recent games" page it says, "This can be useful if you accidentally loaded a duplicate puzzle". I wondered if anyone knew how to avoid loading duplicates or how to know I'd done it in the first place without hitting "recent games" after each and every puzzle. Maybe I 'will' just move. I love doing these puzzles! I'm epileptic, old, can't type and the medication along with the epilepsy itself (adult onset) takes its toll on my cognitive functions. Working cryptograms, crosswords, sudoku, playing chess, coffee and reading seem to stave-off the inevitable vegitative state. I am glad of this and should be complacent as Lurker suggests, but I'm not going to "improve my mind", just keep it functioning a bit longer. I'd like to get something in my trophy room someday while I'm at it.

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Can you upgrade your DSL connection?
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