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Higgs Bos'n was a mate on Douglas Atoms' continuum cruiser, which was powered by an improbability
drive. They intrepidly sifted through the multiverse, trying to find out if Schrödinger Katz was
among the nonliving or the undead. Suddenly their craft was struck by a Heisen-berg! It was a
dark and stormy night of the soul.

"Oh, no!" said Higgs to Captain Atoms. "This must be the work of the nefarious Singu-Larry T!"

Captain Atoms' vessel was buffeted, battered and deep fried as it approached the radius of
Schwarzchild. The woeful mate was filled with dread and began to sing the Blues Event Horizon.

"I pity da fools," said Mr T.

Atoms deftly piloted the ship's hyperbole thrusters, but to no avail. They collided with a large
hadron and all was lost.

The Tragic End

joseph k, ne'er-do-well extraordinaire

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