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Default jdege

"I find censorship to be offensive, and would be offended should any quotes be removed from this site simply because someone was offended by them."

Then if the truly revolting quotes in my one post (or even worse things) should be put as cryptograms on this site, they should be left?

General principle (in most of western society) is that hate speech is not protected. One person's right to free speech ends when it encroaches on another person's right to a safe and secure life. Far too often, more serious anti-semitic acts start with mildly anti-semitic statements and escalate from there.

You may think what you wish, and may say what you wish, however hateful, on any number of forums, on-line and off. This is an entertainment site, and quotes which disparage any group of people, whether racial, national, religious, or whatever, has no place on this site. JMHO
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