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This thread sure got interesting.
I was more curious about whether there are an above average amount of lefties on this site.
I think that Bansai mentioned in a comment that he is a lefty and that got me to wondering.
I use the mouse with my right hand and fill in the letters with my left because, well, the mouse is on the right and the keyboard is on the left.
As far as being trained to use the other hand, my mother-in-law grew up in the days when it was considered wrong to write with your left. She was forced to write with her left and continues to do so, but she does everything else with her right.
I write with my left, but twist my hand around so that my pen is angled the same way as a righty. I've never seen anyone else hold their pen that way and my hand gets really smeared and messy. When I write in Hebrew, which goes left to right, my hand still gets all smeared because of the way I hold the pen - it drags in the line above!

Anyway, anyone have an opinion on whether lefties tend to be more unique thinkers, or more "individual" than righties?
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