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Default Puzzle

There are a small number of references to the various clues out on the net. But overall this is meant to be more of a scavenger hunt than a puzzle, per se.

Several references to parts of this on a hacknet forum that I don't have access to, with a reference to a puzzle C295. What I could see sent me to which had an illustration of what appeared to be a blowfish inflated, with the caption "Remember what the dormouse said".

That in turn is a line from the song "White Rabbit" by Jefferson Airplane, with the next line being "Feed your head".

From a Wikipedia discussion:
The last lines of the song are: "Remember what the Dormouse said.... Feed your head. Feed your head." They do not explicitly quote the Dormouse, as is often assumed."Remembering what the Dormouse said" probably refers to Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, Chapter XI: "Who Stole the Tarts", wherein a very nervous Mad Hatter is called to testify:

" 'But what did the Dormouse say?' one of the jury asked."
" 'That I can't remember', said the Hatter."

Seems fair to say that the poser of this challenge is trying to lead us down a rabbit hole.

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