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Originally Posted by puzzledpam View Post
There were other puzzles on the origional page, and they all said the same thing for instructions 2 methods. I figured out they were all reversed and it made all but this one easy.
And were there 2 methods to solve them? Are you saying they were merely the text
written in reverse? Were they grouped in 4's like this one? I wouldn't mind seeing the
original page as it may have some subtle hints, but don't bother typing it all in if that's
your only option.

My point is, that I've exhausted a few "easy" things to try and am loathe to dig in for a
long-ish effort when:
1) there could be some clues, etc. to make things clearer;
2) it's not really my puzzle to solve.

And BTW, you may get more help at a site for puzzle solvers or general cryptography buffs or something. This site is really just cryptograms - which is a specific, and really simple, cipher.
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