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Originally Posted by Neroalexander View Post
I have an unbelievably hard cryptogram. Any help would be great.

TT wkoo ohe TkrFer hOai FSe fnnl eB Fcdoeole.
I'll start explaining - the answer is at the bottom if you want to just see it.

Actually, it's pretty simple if you've seen one's like this. It's a single
transposition. And this one even has the columns in the proper order.
Note the letter distribution is good and that the capitals seem like
good word starters - that should suggest a transposition. I counted
36 letters and so tried a 6x6 first - like so:


The text is now down columns, which could be in any order, but here they
are in the correct order - left-to-right. And it's a lot easier to read the columns with
a fixed-width font/editor (I used Notepad) than the variable spacing font here.

To Find The Flower Seek The Book Of Florance.

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