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Hi -

Yes, this is way beyond what happens here at There are patterns here however that are interesting:

- that E at the end is the only "word" that is not 5 letters long
- there are double letters all over this thing

So, perhaps you are right, that the double letters somehow signify a space, rather than the actual spaces.... Or, more likely, something else....

Because, there are not enough double letters, so that if that were the case, this phrase would have some awfully long words in them....

It could also be backwards, as it is extremely unusual for any phrase in English to end with a single letter.

Also, this may not have anything to do with common language, and have more to do with mathematics....

Whatever the case, I just now saw this thread, and missed the removed comment. But FYI I've seen in the past month or so, 2 posts from new users who were just trying to make themselves feel smarter it seems, so you may have experienced some backlash based on those previous threads.

But, if you'd like to exercise pattern recognition and perhaps come across some interesting quotes, try some of the cryptos here - I've found it quite amusing, if not addicting!
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