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Originally Posted by fredsevent View Post
Well, if it's truly a unique crypto and as short as I remember it being, then it can be quite difficult. I tried to explain this a while back when "we" were challenged in this forum in much the same manner you did. We failed then too. You need to keep in mind, this site has only one type of puzzle, the cipher system is known to you, and the underlying language (which is deeply familiar to many of our brains).

What you have given us is an unknown system, with unknown data underneath, and you've given us one small sample. I get the feeling the people solving the German Enigma in WWII had more than ~30 symbols. There are some famous one-off ciphers out there which haven't been solved and some famous ones which took some really clever, interested people to solve. Those that I know of were significantly longer than yours.

For the record, I gave your cipher a cursory look and decided it might be an intractable problem and then went on to solving simple substitutions, enjoying the underlying quotes, and adding my own comments - which is why I come to this site.


This is not a one step puzzle. There are many steps after the first image. If you think Morse code is an unknown system- well...
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