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Pootie, "castigated" just means "chastised." Your way of writing doesn't both her or me. We both have family members whose writing resembles yours, even her beloved Timothy (the one she spoke of) wrote like you do, and she treats them with no disrespect. By the end of his life, he barely had the strength to even look at a computer. When he was able to, her Pollyanna self thought it was the greatest thing in the world. (We all did.) Neither of us cares how anyone writes, we're just glad they take the time and care enough to write. She has a life, and a full one at that. She works, ministers, and is a chaplain. She wasn't having a bad day, not at first anyway. Thanks for asking, though. I'll tell her that you cared enough to ask.


(I'm sorry, I forgot to wish you a good day. I hope you are feeling well.) This really is my last post, though. I can't handle reading the venom against somebody from people who shoot first and ask questions later. We both plan to continue to solve puzzles, just not communicate on the forums. I'm like her -- we were both just curious about Bonsai's times. Curiosity satiated.

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