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Default Penelope

I'm a friend of Penelope's. I've known her all my life. I'm speaking in her defense now because I can. She didn't want me to last night.

Penelope is one of the kindest, gentlest, most compassionate people I've ever known. She couldn't be a chaplain if she didn't have those qualities. Pootie, when she read your comment to Einsmallstein, it struck her as funny. She thought you were just ribbin' and rippin', good nature kidding was all she figured it was. So she really just was joining the ribbin'. I can promise you that she meant no offense. She's one of those Pollyannas (I call her that all the time) who really does assume kindness and gives people the benefit of the doubt. I can't say that I've got that same outlook, and I always tell her that she's crazy, but that's really how she looks at things and people and the world in general.

I've never posted on this forum, but when she told me what happened, I had to come look for myself. Nobody assumed kindness on her part. Nobody gave her the benefit of the doubt. Nobody even asked if she was serious or not. People jumped her case and made assumptions without asking her what she intended. She made the assumption that you were just kidding with Einsmallstein, and maybe that assumption was wrong. If it was, please accept my apology on her behalf. Others made the assumption that she was being mean to you. I just wonder if anybody who assumed the worst of her and then jumped on her for it will apologize.

I'm standing in solidarity with her. This is my first and last comment on this forum. I'm sure you're as kind and wonderful as everyone says you are, and I'll bet that you are like her in assuming kindness and giving people the benefit of the doubt. Too bad Penelope got such a raw deal from people who'd rather assume the worst instead of at least asking questions first.
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