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erm whuts castigated meen???

and pardon the non use of caps but its kinda my trademark
that and bad grammar and foul language but im a sweetheart ...apparently.

uh...i dont cap.

and i wasnt being intentionally rude to einsmallstein i was just a bit tired of
the naysayers and was making a point in my rather silly way.
ok i admit i shouldnt have been that harsh but the videos people the videos??

um thanks for circling the wagons.
and its a shame i lost power or i d a been here earlier taking care of
this myself doncha know

penelope? simmer down girl it was a bad day and i was spouting off i do that
correct away hon.
lol its just so not important but you ve ticked a few very nice nice srsly nice
people off here and wow thank you for those that spoke up.
really...thank you.

i actually can use correct grammar and caps and punctuation even.
i know i can cause when i swear i punctuate like hell!!!!<see

so lets roll this back a bit and first off ...einsmallstein, my apologies, i was
grumpy and tired. I was rude in my post and im sorry.
and penelope im sorry if all this horrible grammar spelling lack of punctuation
and sans capping bugs you.
but um and i mean this with all the joie de vivre (ha french!) i can muster
get a life girl. holy cowfish. srsly were you having a bad day too?
cause ya coulda just pm'd me, im still active, i dont solve anymore but im
here, alot, lurking about, sorry lurker, just yanno talk to me if it bugs ya.
cause the players here will stand up for each other. cause we are a tight bunch
been thru alot together..
and im done with you now so pffffffffffft.

k, so thanks everyone for doing what i would do if someone dissed someone i cared about.
and in the same way what penelope did in einsmallsteins defense. or defence even.
yayyy gang meaning everyone.

penelope dont stop solving cause of this, its a great site. it really is the best cryptogram
site out there. with people who are helpful and kind and funny and fierce friends and

thanks again all.
You've warmed the cockles of my heart.
punctuation, grammar, and caps.
cooo eee look at me bein all fancee and stuff.
oh and i tend to think that most people on this site are
extremely bright people. im sure my intentional non-use of
proper grammar etc. bothers the piss out of them, lol.
they however can take a joke. see they dont think im
actually as silly as i sound. prolly got to do with the fact
im yanno a good solver and shit.
oh and...e e cummings made a fortune out of books without capping.
just sayin.

ok anyway im going to bed now.
its hurrricaning out there.

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