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Originally Posted by gryhnd51 View Post
For those of you who never had the chance to get to know Pootie, I can only say that it's your loss. When she was well enough to play, Pootie was the FIRST to welcome new players by sending so many of them a PM of welcome. She was also usually the first to respond to cries of help, or just calls for information on where to find stuff, etc. And she almost never missed wishing folks a happy birthday, whether she knew you or not.

In the best of health or not, Pootie is still a "force of nature" and one of the smartest, kindest and most capable crypto solvers going.

Penelope, I know that if you had had the opportunity to get to know her as many of us do, you would also think she's wonderful and deserving of being defended.
One final thought:

I am sure that Pootie is as wonderful, warm, and welcoming as you and others have described. I have not said a single word to the contrary. But, it seems too difficult for you and her other "defenders" to notice that my comment was not an attack on her or her kindness or her illness. It was a five-sentence critique on her writing, in the same way as her comment was, in part, a critique on Einsmallstein's comment. I said nothing about her or to her that required anyone to defend her against me. If she had written a correction about my comments, I'd be willing to bet that this whole situation would have been handled entirely differently. When she corrects someone else, it's okay. When someone corrects her, they get castigated. My word! What a sin I've committed! I beg each of you "defenders" with all that I am that you could somehow, some way, find it in your hearts to forgive me before my world ends in ashes and shame!

As I said: Lesson learned. It is far more important to me to solve puzzles, to increase my brain speed, than it is to continue to engage in this inane conversation. Now, I am officially DONE with this forum. Consider it your victory and my loss. Please, do feel free to forget that I was ever here. I'll not be stupid enough to come back.
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