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Default Adding my voice to this discussion


I have read the posts about and by Pootie, and I'd like to stand up here with you in her defense. It seems to me that she is an icon on this site, welcoming those who were new and who ventured into the chat, helping those who were stuck, and being a big sister to Bansai (and many others, I am sure).


Have you ever heard of or read the book "The Four Agreements"? If you haven't read it, you may want consider it. The basic premise: you make four agreements with yourself. These are probably not in the order given in the book, but it doesn't really matter: 1. Be impeccable with your word. 2. Always do your best. 3. Never take anything personally. 4. Don't assume.

These agreements, which I made with myself a couple of years ago, continue to make my daily life easier. I don't know what anyone's challenges may be. I don't know what your challenges are and you don't know what mine are. The only thing that is certain -- we all have difficulties. This is a nice site with nice folks who have forged friendships.

Remember, just because you know one thing about a person, doesn't mean you know that person.


I'm sorry I don't know you. I'm certain it is my loss.

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