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Default Auspicious List of Solvers!


I am honored to be included in the list of internet friends. Early in the morning, taking a break for lunch, after a long day of therapy (my husband says that I play all day for a living -- partially true, although it is play with a purpose), or any time on the weekend, I look forward to getting on the site, sometimes to solve, but sometimes just to check to see who is chatting and/or who is solving. It is comforting to see the familiar names, many of whom I feel I know just a little bit. Thanks to those who have helped me when I've been stuck; thanks for all the encouragement. Seeing the fastest solves on puzzles is inspiring for me.

Bansai, for what it's worth, I have never doubted that you are a real person.

I've solved cryptograms for nearly thirty years, but only the last 14 months on this site (my only internet crypto site). There's no bragging involved here -- I'm just trying to keep what brain cells I have from dying off too quickly (while still enjoying a nice glass of wine with dinner, thus destroying aforementioned brain cells).

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