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i didnt think about competitions but i thought not everyuone who uses this site would be professionals, i thought with as many people who have viewed it that someone at somepoint wouldve said something about trying to solve it. i made the code its is not homework or for a contest or anything else, its not that hard i was just hoping someone would come along and be like well this looks easy then when they tried to solve it they would see how not easy it was, or if it was easy they would saolve it and say so.

im sorry i didnt realize how many people were busy with the puzzles in competitions and such, i thought this was just a place for puzzle solvers to like talk to each other and try to challenge each other. as i said i was frustrated that with over 100 views and noone said anything, i thought they were being snobbish, i mean if you were new and didnt understandeverything and did thid wouldnt you get a little upset at seeing your stuff being viewed but not commented on?
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