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Default Illogical Conclusions

This is for all new members and those who believe that there is cheating going on. Long-time players are sick of explaining this to every new member who complains.

Just because you can't solve quotes as fast as the leaders, or solve every quote to achieve 100%, doesn't mean that someone else can't. If you can't type fast enough to score a record time, practice to increase your typing speed. If you can't solve quotes fast, try playing over 100,000 puzzles here, until you have seen every one at least once and start to remember the answers instead of solving them from scratch. Do you think any of us were that good when we started? Look at the first month's trophies and compare them to last month's. Times were a lot slower, and fewer people achieved 100%.

There was a case of cheating once. It was by a computer programming professor who admitted to creating a solving program. The person was banned from the site and all his times were reset. There are still a few "reset" records out there that you may find.

Instead of getting mad and accusing people of cheating, use it as inspiration. Bansai, defeaterdefeater, Nanrich, priestp, Lily H, and the rest who regularly make the top 10 in speed and percentage solved are just AWESOME PLAYERS!
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