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Default how to sort of avoid

It's possible to avoid this. Not "natural," but I find it's becoming easier. If you're right-handed, your mouse is likely to drift rightward while you're working the cryptogram - and you trigger a Sony ad. So be aware of this & try to keep your mouse pointer in the puzzle area. When you do trip an ad, your mouse path to & from the "x" in that ad is almost certain to run over the other ad - or over both of them again. (The phrase "ad nauseum" was made for this.) To avoid:

Top ad open? Go above it. Move *up*, over, & down to the "x." Return to the puzzle the same way (in reverse).

Side ad open? Go under it. Move *down*, over, & up to the "x." Return the same way (in reverse).

It's the route back to the puzzle that's most important. I relax when I get the ads off, then roll right back over them to the cryptogram. (This way lies madness.)

Or we could all subscribe & avoid ads altogether. Money is tight now, but I'm considering it.
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