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Default sony ad

i've been bothered (to put it mildly) by an evil sony ad that has been appearing often these days in the ad space just above the puzzle. (as i'm typing right now, i see the same ad off to the right.) black background and garbled, white text, with the instructions, "roll over to expand."

evidently, i somehow 'roll over' it often, cuz suddenly it'll expand and cover the puzzle.

but here's the worst---i click on the 'x' to close it, and by the time i get back over to the puzzle, it has opened again! i close. it reopens. usually over and over. so i resort to clicking on "recent games" and "retry" the puzzle to get it back on a new screen, usually with a different ad.

has anyone else experienced this? major time-waster. subscribing to a premium account just isn't an option, i'm afraid, so that's not the answer. and this ad is appearing more and more often.

the selfsame "evil ad" over to the right that i mentioned in paragraph one? OPENED TWICE WHILE I WAS TYPING THIS! good grief!
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