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Dear Nature Nut and Monty, I was wondering about the exact things just yesterday: SO many puzzles are solved by only 30% of those to whom it is given! (We should congratulate ourselves on how many we DO complete. At the same time, I realized that while we are still learning the probabilities of certain letter combinations being preceded or followed by other certain letters, every second we ponder over the initial "hint" letters, counts against us. And yes, we sometimes get interrupted. One time I had to go to the door and forgot I was working on a puzzle. When I finally completed it, the message was "Congratulations! You took 146,000 seconds to complete this puzzle." You may already know this, but - - - - i o -. is usually - - - tion; and - - - ei - -, is most likely - - cei - -, but may be - - eigh --.
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