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Default highlighting an erratum

I've never made a complaint about the general operations of this site before, and everyone else's complaints seemed like trivialities beneath my concern. A new problem has arisen that I find greatly annoying, and I feel it will have an averse effect on people's solution times. Before the change, if you highlighted an incorrect letter, you could type the new letter over it and the incorrect letter would disappear. Now, it is necessary to highlight the incorrect letter and delete it before typing over it. Keyboards may be mostly in a neatly ordered QWERTY, but the delete key can appear in various places. The aughties are over and we're in the '10s. This is so unwieldy, I feel like I'm using a computer in the '70s again. I want innovation in computers, not nostalgia.

(is this secretly bansaisequoia on prom night???)
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