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All puzzles are rated easy, average and difficult. You can find the rating in the grey box to the right of the
puzzle with the letter frequencies.

If its an easy puzzle, usually the long ones, you will get a max of just a couple of hundred or less points. Average are a couple hundred to three hundred or so. And difficult, usually the shortest ones are high three hundreds to four hundreds.
Depending on how fast you solve.
If you solve a puzzle quickly very will get the max number of points. As time ticks by the points decrease.
You will get a minimum of 10 points if you are taking a rather long time. Points are never deducted or set to zero.

The rules for scoring are posted above each competition, what is needed to get a trophy or ribbon is mentioned there.

Longer puzzles by virtue of having more similar letters are easy; avg puzzles are less words; and difficult are the shortest puzzles in number of words.

Hope thats not confusing.
Welcome to the site and good luck.

ps...if you want to check your stats just click on my scores at the top of the page it will show you how
you are doing for the month and lifetime. Thats also a good way to check if you have missed a puzzle.
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