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I do not know how far I will go with nursing. It is my understanding that CNAs have the most direct patient contact, which is what I want to do. I want to do stuff like re-positioning people for comfort, helping them bathe and use the restroom, etc. My grandma died about a month ago, and I believe it was the CNAs who did the stuff like that.

I am an ex-scholar and a teacher education drop out. Got as far as student teaching last fall b4 realizing high school education is not for me. Teaching in HS has nothing at all to do with teaching! Was going to enroll in a Vet Tech program, but during grandma's emergency, I found that I have the ability to comfort the sick and suffering. At 41, it's kinda late to be starting my career. I have been in school for more years than I care to remember. Won't bore you with the long story. Suffice it to say that my degrees do not easily translate into jobs. But I think I have finally found my life's calling in being a CNA.

I love making greeting cards. The kids at teh camp each get a card a day. They always get a bunch of girl cards and not enough for boys: I want to do some for boys, but my flowers, hearts and butterflies won't work!

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