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alright: I see your point. I have an amazing amount of fun doing cryptos, and I would do them all day if I could. but the same is true for making scrapbooks and greeting cards. I need to find a balance somehow. I want to solve as many as I can b4 I leave, bc when I get back, I am starting training to be a CNA. But i also want to make as many cards for kids as I can in that same amount of time. The cards go to a camp for abussed/neglected children, and i want to contribute 50 for this summer's camp. I am nowhere close. I also need to keep my promise to write 3 articles a day, even if it is at sweat-shop wages. This job pays so little bc there are people overseas who will write articles for thirty cents. (however, they are not native English speakers, and I have fun when I come across some articles they have written: my fave is one person who wrote," these are selling like pancakes").

Thanks for the advice. I will try to keep my head on straight.

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