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Default things that keep me from solving cryptos

I know you all work, and are still able to solve. But, I need to be able to give myself ample time for solving, b/c I never know when I am going to run into one that takes me forever. I am generally a slow online solver, and I care about my solving percentage. I have a low-paying freelance writing job--I have to write 3 articles a day, and it took me all day! Then, I am addicted to scrapbooking and cardmaking, and I am doing a project for kids for which i'd like to do 50 cards (I did not have this obsession the last time I was online here). I am making cards now. Since I've been back online, I haven't solved that many puzzles. And I leave Saturday to go to Nashville to help my mother move. All of my extra time i will need for writing. Well, something's gotta give! I am having crypto-withdraw symptroms! At least when I was doing paper and pencil puzzles, I could start every day with some solving fun. Penny Press puzzles are easier, and I was able to whip thru about a dozen at the start of each day (that is not to say I am going back to that--ain't gonna happen). How do you guys find the time to solve your thousands of puzzles?

PS--I am stopping the card-making so I can solve. I am hopelessly behind, but it will have to stay that way for another night! I MUST solve some cryptos!

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