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Smile The Wall of Titans

Here is an explanation of the Wall of Titans for members and guests who are curious...
Bansai if Im in error please correct, thanks.

The Wall of Titans is a list of records that Bansai keeps of quotes he has solved faster than
the previous record holder. Short way of saying this, of all the records he beats,
which he has aptly named The Wall of Titans.
When he breaks a record of a player he will mention it in chat usually when its a round
number or a first break.
What's interesting is to see the number of records the player who held the records have
or rather had.
These are not total number of records ... these are only quotes that Bansai has solved.
So if he says Pootie placed her 600th Brick on the Wall of Titans, I had 600 records and
Bansai left me in the dust on them. Again...there may be more Pootie records out there
its just Bansai has not come upon them (she says hopefully!)
Now when we, those who are on the Wall, beat his time, we tend to post it in chat as well,
and ask for a brick back. Our way of removing the dreaded bricks. And full well knowing
next time he hits that quote its probably going to be beaten, however its a small victory.

I hope that helps explain The Wall of Titans.
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