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Wink newbie setting all time records

I'm a rank newbie, never having solved a cryptogram in my life until solving some from the newspaper in January. There weren't enough available there, so I looked online and found this site, and have been playing as a guest until joining today. I'm delighted to be able to complete almost all puzzles correctly, but it takes time. While some of you are working on the left hand side of the bell curve with your super fast time records, I'm setting my own records on the right! Actually in my short crypto history before I came here I never thought to worry about the time, just enjoyed solving the quote for its own sake, but I can see where being more efficient / skillful is going to be fun too.

I've read much of what's written here on the forum re the new proposed alert using replacement or pink for doubles. I think the latter allowing a moment to examine the choices is a great idea for beginners like me. Actually it's very similar to what I do with pencil and paper, putting a couple of choices up and examining them. If players are allowed to choose from all three options while playing in competition mode, it seems to me it wouldn't effect the best scores as it would probably cost time to use the new option. At any rate it would be available to all, so the playing field would be level. If it's voted down for competition, another idea might be to have these options available, but only in non-competition mode like the hints.

I'm so glad I found these online cryptos and the forum and FAQs which are very helpful. Now if I could just find the tips for newbies which someone said were on page 8 but obviously have drifted ....

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