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Earlier, I had asked Pootie (and Bansai) to chime in, and haven't had an opportunity to say thanks to Pootie for responding until now. I did check the top 100, and was amazed at the point totals I was seeing. I have a long way to go if I am to ever crack the top 100. My solve rate is currently a humble 78.1%, although the past few months I have been a little over 80%, which is slowly bringing my total solve rate up. And, I began watching where I was ranked at some point when I was somewhere in the 800's. I believe I'm currently ranked 483rd. So I've cracked the top 500. It is a fun site, and it seems to be filled with generally positive, kindhearted, and helpful people. Thanks again, Pootie... and to all the others here who have added their tips for solving.
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