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Its a myth. Just go to the High Scores Page and click on the All time ranking list.

Im at 98.3 percent. I believe there are a few currently on the all time like Laura
and LLL who are at a hundred percent. That is an amazing feat

I do try to play now for a hundred percent. When I first started I didnt even know that
was an option and frankly for new players its a hard road.
I recommend just playing to get used to the game and not worry about solving each one.
When you feel you are ready to tackle the hundred percent you will know.
And to re iterate to new players wanting to come and be really fast right away...
Its just not going to happen. It takes time and patience and lots and lots of puzzles
under your belt before you notice speed improvement.
I started at about a 150 seconds avg now Im at a little over thirty one seconds.
That was three years of playing alot. And boy, LOL, I used to play A LOT.
The game is fun. We must try and remember that we are competing but to enjoy and
relax and chat a bit in the chatbox and imho, always come to the aid of a fellow player
who will ask for help. I ve been stuck more times than I can count and players have taken
hours out of their playing time to help me solve. Thats a perk of this site.
All of the suggestions here are the same tools I use to solve.
And my suggestion that I can offer is never give up!! All the puzzles can be solved.
If you hit enter or check it and there's an error you have typed something wrong.
Look for the would/could...there is a very large post in this forum entitled "Coulda Woulda"
Its fun to read. Just dont give up and ask for help, go to the chatbox, you will get a response.
Its faster than posting here.
**One last tip: Keep a list of those quotes that you find hardest to solve. If you get the
quote again and keep your list in some kind of order it will help alot

Courage is the art of being the only one who knows you're scared to death.

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