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Just to echo and maybe complement the last three posts... whenever I start, I begin by examining the three and four letter words. If I see, as locodad points out, a sequence like Y-O-S-Y, I then immediately look at the three letter words, searching specifically for one that begins with "Y-O", so if it is Y-O-J, then it is nearly a 100% certainty that you are looking at the words "THAT" and "THE." I also check six letter words looking for a sequence like N-A-C-N-Z-A. If the "N" has a low frequency of usage in the quote, while the "A" has a high frequency of usage, you're probably looking at the word "PEOPLE," as quotes are usually in very generalized terms and because the "E" is probably the most used letter in the alphabet. I love the words "THERE" and "WHERE"... again, if the first letter has a high frequency of usage I'll plug in the "T", whereas if it is a low frequency of usage, it is probably the "W." When I find the "I", I then check out the long words and look for endings that might wind up with an "ING" or "TION", as Fishbum pointed out. "NOTHING" is good word to look for if you're stumped, as is "SOMETHING" and "SOMETIMES." "WHICH" "TRUTH" are good ones. And sometimes when you think you're looking at "PEOPLE" but the "E's" don't fit, you might be actually looking at "ALWAYS".

I would love to hear from Bansai and Pootie on this subject. Pootie, is it a myth or is it a fact that you have a 100% solve rate? You must be able to offer something the rest of us don't know. And Bansai has lightning fast solve times. Again, what might you add to this discussion?

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