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Originally Posted by nature nut View Post
There's a fundamental part of playing and scoring that I just don't get.When I play without logging in I get four or five hints and most of the time end in average or slightly above average time.

If it takes me, say, 68 seconds to complete a crypto and the record time is, say, 11 seconds, does that mean that the high scorer completed the puzzle in that time without hints? It just doesn't seem humanly possible.
Answer to your first question: When you're logged in, you're playing in "competitive mode". It wouldn't be very fair to be competing and receiving hints which is why that option is no longer available to you. If you don't actually want to compete and do want those hints, just don't log in. Very easy.

Answer to your second question: Yes, if the record time says 11 seconds, someone did indeed solve it that quickly. It might not seem humanly possible to you but I assure you it is. Just keep playing and have fun... don't bother yourself so much with all the other nonsense if it upsets you!
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