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Lightbulb How to copy Bansai's success

Step 1: Run Safari on a Mac, borrowing free wi-fi whenever possible.

Step 2: Touch-type over 60 wpm CORRECTED speed.

Step 3: Have an eidetic memory.

Step 4: Spend an obscene amount of time on this site so that you've seen every quote enough times for step 3 to really kick in.

I'm serious. If you have a photographic memory, type fast, and have a really fast computer and browser, you can be just as fast as he is. There is no cheating. Trust me; there was a real cheater here some time ago, and all of us spotted it immediately.

But speed isn't everything. If you don't enjoy solving these cryptos just for the sake of deciphering them, maybe this isn't the game for you.
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