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As I've said before, we ALL began with MUCH slower times. It's only with practice and doing them over and over that you get faster.

The site is a bit misleading in that it "appears" that it began in least I think that's the right date....but what you newbies don't know is that the site crashed big-time the month before! I myself had only started playing a few months prior to that, but many folks, Bansai included, had played for a far longer time. After the crash, everything started from ground zero, and those who had played a long time lost all their points/scores. Admin has worked relentlessly to prevent this from happening again.

Stop bashing Bansai for being so good at this!! The best way to play is for fun or entertainment. If you can't just play for the betterment of your OWN game, perhaps this is not the place for you.
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