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Yw Abra

Gryhnd I use Super AntiSpyware again a free program.

I only run that as a scan twice a week. I ve been reading up alot on AV programs and
have found two very different schools. Those that say having one or more programs running
is simply better protection. And those that say that they can cause more problems and
have contraindicative results. I noticed with AVG and any other supplemental AV or anti spyware
that my computer was really slowing down and there were problems.

Microsoft Essentials, I find, is good it doesnt eat up resources, runs quietly in the background
and doesnt invade your entire computer like AVG did. Trying to uninstall AVG is one of the
most difficult things to do.

AntiSpyware finds alot of malware that some of the paid AV programs miss. There is a
paid version of AS as well. And it works well with MS. The free version
doesnt offer real time protection so in effect I only have MSE running all the time.

Take care.
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