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I'd like to see the pink indicating a duplicate because it gives me the option of which one I want to delete. I can't see it really speeding it up - I'd still have to make a decision about which one to keep, and try reading the words to see which makes the most sense.
I enjoy the challenge of completing the puzzles and each quote is a glimpse into someone's mind. I wonder at the speed some people achieve, and am content to finish mine. I do them as quick as I can, but when I am one second longer than the average and see that "below average" rating, it rankles a bit. I am thrilled to be under two minutes on average, considering sometimes I spend 20 minutes on one! Everyone has their own reasons for playing, and those that want to set records will strive for that, while others get the thrill of completion and some could care less about rankings.
I just think it's a wonderful site! And I wonder if some of you folk have any interests besides cryptograms (do you eat? How do you do so many in a day??)
And thanks for asking us for our opinions!
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