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or you can just type the text and enter it into an online program that will flip the text backwards and even upside down, moving on....
Abra, I dont consider myself amongst the elite, those six or seven that consistently perform under thirty seconds.
I type one handed, with my non-dominant hand, my left hand with right hand on mouse.
My left hand hovers above the keyboard as I hit play I dont usually even set it on the 'home keys" and I just look, and find words I recognize instantly, usually the, or and, or but...from there its just a matter of typing the additional twenty odd letters ..remember we only have to type them once, and not all puzzles use all the letters of the alphabet.
Gryhnd is right some have been playing for years and years, Im approaching three years.
I was slow forever, until one day it just all made sense. I just recognized letter patterns I remembered the authors and I recalled some of the quotes themselves.
If there were a way to cheat believe me as I have stated before I would have found it.
And there is just no fun in cheating. Wheres the challenge.
So if you want a logical answer, those that use the tab/shift tab method and use two hands on the keyboard will solve faster, in my opinion, than those of us one-handing and mousing.
How do they/we do it? Practice, these quotes do appear often in rotation, they become known, recognizable. We have 26 letters max to enter and rarely do we use all of them.
I dont think that the really fast solvers are smarter per se, I think they have visual acuity and excellent eye hand coordination. Add to that as Lurker stated some use Mac's with much better browsers and for sure that will take a couple of seconds off.
Anyway thats sort of my practical theory on how the fasties do it.
And we all started slowly and our rate of progession is determinate on the amount we can play and our ability to process and retain information.
um what were we talking about? LOL

to BETHWHITE...Yes its discouraging to struggle along and get thru a quote and see the same batch
of names or name appear as the record holder.
I understand that. I still grr from time to time when I think hey I just solved it really fast, hit enter hoping to see
the infamous plane only to find out my 8 or 7 seconds was eclipsed by someone else.
However when you play more and more, and suddenly you hit enter (again its faster than hitting check it) and congratulations you have set a new record and the plane shows up...thats a great feeling!!!!
Our records are displayed now, but before the site change it was a more private celebration,
or we would enter into the chatbox Hey I just got a record, yayyy.
I still feel that way each and every time that plane shows up. Im more chuffed however that my solve rate remains at a hundred percent.
But thats just me.
Instant gratification is the bane of the new world order. Anything worth having is worth working for.
Just keep playing and learning and reading and asking valid questions and you will get faster.
Please don't make accusations unless you have empirical data to support them... that just makes some of us oldies a bit miffed.
And you did post in the forum as opposed to some who just leave snarky little Bansai cheats comments in the comment section so I have to give you kudos for that.

I was a bit harsh I admit it in my response, but as you can see we are a close bunch, and yep I consider him my little annoying brick taking brother, but I would stand up just as loud for any of the players here if they were accused or besmirched.
That again is just me. I love this game.

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