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Default re "just saying"

First off, what are you "just saying?" Lets not beat around the bush here.
IF IF you are saying that Bansai cheats, well I can tell you that on a really good day
I can play at least 200 puzzles or more. Out of those by checking my recent games list
100 - 125 of them are under fifteen seconds, about 25-30 in the twenties and the others varying times mostly higher.

Altoid, has the ability to solve at the same rate as Bansai does, as do Debzhaus, Lurker, Ferryman, although they do not play as much as Bansai does.

So if you are saying that those of us who can solve on a consistent basis under fifteen seconds "cheat (just saying") well I can tell you I dont. And I would bet my life on none of the aforementioned players are cheating as well.
See if you play enough, like I used to and Bansai has for years, you simply begin to recognize the authors, the quotes themselves, the patterns.
If you want a reality check here, when the last batch of new quotes were added Bansai wasnt solving at a high rate lol he was just as stuck as we were, those of us who played for a hundred percent will be slower. He doesnt... he picks and chooses his puzzles. He is a freak in the best sense of the word and if people stop dissing the guy and start complimenting him instead well (violins play) what a world this would be huh?

Now that was based of course on the premise that "just saying" translates to he cheats.
If you would like to enlighten us further on "just saying", please do let us know. Also, you have, according to your profile solved 215 games it might be higher, the profiles are slow to update, therefore after only 215 puzzles, it really seems hard to believe doesnt it.
Now play 300,000 games and then come back and let us know, please.

PS: Oh yes and also he uses a Mac...and probably either Opera with Turbo or Safari.
Wayyyyyy faster than Firefox IE and Chrome. Wayyyy faster.
And he types fast and is a musician.

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