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Originally Posted by LiveLoveLaugh View Post
Is a musician and and super fast typist.
Ok, I may be banned for saying this, but there's something wrong here. I'm a super fast typist and a pretty good game player. Now I know my browser is slow so I'll never be tops here, but 9 seconds, 11 seconds consistently? There's something wrong.

There's a Sudoku game I play where I can write down the puzzle, work it out at my leisure, and then go back, type in the puzzle number, and type out my previously worked-out answers. And guess what, I'd be in the Top 1 Percent of players at under 2 minutes or so

I don't advocate this, but the reason I first tried it out in the first place is, when I did the puzzle honestly, I'd always end up at the rear end of the timed players.

Just saying.....

Even if I had a God-given ability to stare at a puzzle and immediately come up with a solution in 1 or 2 seconds, then type the answer in 8 or 9 seconds without fail of a typo or any other thing, then hit "check it" and have my browser relate that info - in 9 or 11 seconds consistently?

Just saying.
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