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Angry Grrrr

who goes aborrowing goes asorrowing

Now I remember that quote being first entered as...
He who goes a'borrowing goes a'sorrowing.

Emphasis on the '

Here is the earliest entry I could find for that quote...
He that goeth a borowynge goeth a sorowynge.
[1545 R. Taverner tr. Erasmus' Adages (ed. 2) 46V]

Later it was changed to include a- and also a', then finally the punctuation was removed.

My beef here is if it was originally entered on the site with the ' in it. Why remove it?
Its a killer quote and its much more recognizeable with the ' than without it.
Please put the ' back in. The avg solve time for that quote is 228 seconds.
I dislike that quote.

Thanks Admin.
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